40 Times People Repairing Their Clothes In A Remarkable Way

Repairing or refixing things are almost always fun and it is possible to create stunning things. Here are 40 people repairing their clothes in a remarkable way.

1. I Don’t Know What I Am Doing At All But I Fixed My Sweater, Someone Be Proud Of Me

repairing clothesSo_That

2. My First Few Attempts At Semi-Invisible Swiss Darning!


3. I Accidentally Got Bleach Stains On A Brand New Hoodie. This Is My First Time Attempting Embroidery, Too!

repairing clothesBeeftheDwarf

4. Almost Exactly One Year Ago Today I Tried To Take My Own Life. The Emts Had To Cut Off My Pants But I Decided To Keep Them And Repaired Them With Bias Tape. I Call Them My Kintsugi Jeans


5. My Child Requested “Flames In Space” For His Knee Mend..

repairing clothesaskmeforsoup

6. My Jeans Always Rip On The Left Knee. These Are My Favourite, So Thought They Deserved A Nice Mending


7. Does This Count? Spilt Pink Nail Polish On My Yellow Jumper, So I Covered It Up With Embroidery

repairing clothesOrigamiPineapple

8. Every Time This Dress Gets A Stain, I Fill It In With Fabric Markers


9. I Patched A Sock Into A Rip! (Saw It On Here And Tried It For A Cousin’s Knee Patch)

repairing clothestwo-tons-of-awesome

10. When Life Gives You A Hole On The Left Elbow, Make A Panda