25 Adorable Photos Prove Why Your Kids Need A Cat

Neighborhood Watch In Full Force

kids and cats


Sugar Rush

kids and catsAndrey Volobuev

When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Cat

kids and catsanimalfriends.org.uk

Cat Got Your Head!

kids and catsJosh 

Put Your Palm In My Paw

kids and catsimgur.com

Baby Like What Baby See

kids and catsElena Shumilova

Oh My, What A Rough Tongue You Have!

kids and catsDaily Inspiration 

Cat Pile!

kids and cats

Pretty Pals

kids and catsElena Shumilova

Cat Napping

kids and catsGianluca Camasta

Just A Regular Fun-Filled Day In The Playroom

kids and catsSadie Madrid

Who Are YOU?

kids and catscatster.com

Young Love

kids and cats