Kids With Autism Can Now Browse The Zoo Stress-Free 1 Hour Before it Opens


Any child that is on the autism spectrum can struggle with large crowds and excessively loud noises. This means visiting places such as the zoo can become quite difficult to do, as there is no shortage of excited children and adults making all sorts of noises.

One zoo in New South Wales, Australia has found a great way around this by hosting special Access Taronga days. On these particular days, the zoo opens an hour early so that any guest with autism can enjoy a visit, with the quieter and more secluded environment being better suited for them.

Not only that, but the zoo also provides other services for guests, including VIP badges that kids can wear to highlight whether they may need some additional assistance.

Additionally, there are designated tranquil areas located throughout the zoo, with each one being nice and quiet, making them great areas for families to relax.

There are a fair few sights worth checking out at the Taronga Zoo, including 4,000 animals of more than 350 species. Staff have also become trained in providing special help for any guest as part of a working relationship with the Autism Spectrum of Australia.