People Shared Interesting Things About Gardening

21. Move Over Coachella, No One Does A Flower Crown Like A Cactus!


22. My Garden Is My Happy Place


23. My Mom Planted These Climbing Roses Around A Patio In Her Yard When I Got Married There 7 Years Ago. The Marriage Is In Shambles But Roses Going Strong


24. My Three Year Old Beaming With Pride At Her First Ever Harvest Of Beans Which She Helped To Sow, Water, Plant Out And Build The Support For


25. My Gfs Window Box That She Said Nobody On Reddit Would Care About


26. After Battling The Courts, My Uncle Has Regained My Great-Grandparents And Grandparents Farmstead And Revitalized It Into Working Condition. Buffalo, NY

27. My Boyfriend’s Mother’s Garden

28. After Clearing Out A Wheelchair, Three Mismatched Shoes, A Deflated Ball And A Buried Chunk Of Brick Wall, I Finally Have My Very First Garden!


29. The Grandparents Garden Is Looking Amazing


30. Welcome To My Secret Garden