Top 3 Houseplants for the New Plant Parent

We can’t all be green-thumbed expert gardeners, however, even the most hopeless among us can care for these houseplants. They require the most minimal of care and brighten up the home with their foliage. Houseplants have been shown to reduce psychological and physiological stress, making them a must-have addition to all homes, especially in these trying times.

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Houseplants for beginners

Snake Plant

A tall, elegant rich-green houseplant, this one stands out, literally. The leaves stand straight up and are banded irregularly with light-green markings, giving it the appearance of snakeskin (hence the name!). It prefers bright light but can also do well in low-light spaces as well. It likes being watered regularly yet also can go long times without water. It is adaptable and difficult to kill, making it the perfect houseplant for new and inexperienced houseplant parents.

Snake Plant houseplant

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ZZ Plant

Symbolizing prosperity and friendship, this houseplant will bring light and intrigue into any environment. Tall stems push out of the dirt and display multitudes of dark, glossy-green leaves. It is quite the attention-getter. It produces rhizomes that store water in case of drought, so it is prepared for forgetful plant parents and will do just fine being watered once a month. It prefers medium to low light environments.

zz plant houseplant

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Bird’s Nest Fern

The frilly foliage of this fern will have everyone commenting on its style and uniqueness. Leaves are light-green and abundant. This easy to care for houseplant prefers medium indirect light. Being a fern, it also likes a humid climate and would do really well in a bathroom with a shower as long as there is enough light.

Bird's Nest Fern houseplant

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