30 Adorable Succulents That Have Unique Appearances

Time to upgrade your plant collection! Try Succulents!

Succulents are excellent at surviving in dry climates and nearly all cacti are succulents. Here is a compiled list of some of the most awesome ones!

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1. Transparent Succulent Plant

The Haworthia cooperi is a small rare succulent plant with fleshy translucent leaves. The “see-through” Haworthia cooperi succulent has shiny transparent leaves that grow in a rosette pattern in sandy soil. Depending on the Haworthia cooperi cultivar, the plump leaves can be triangular-shaped or globular.

Transparent Succulent Plant

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2. Rose Succulents

Called Greenovia Dodrentalis, these succulents have curved layered petals that make the plants look just like roses. Mostly they’re found in the Canary Islands. But we would say they belong somewhere in a fairy tale because of how unique and magical they look!

Rose Succulents

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3. Bunny Succulents

A species of succulent called Monilaria obconica has a rather unique feature. Namely the fact that it looks like it has little bunny rabbit ears! The Bunny Succulent is a unique plant because it is a heterophyllous plant. That meaning it can grow more than one type of leaf on the same plant. It has a caudex form, bearing a swollen, above-ground trunk.

Bunny Succulents

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4. Euphorbia Succulents

Euphorbia succulents

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5. Trachyandra Succulents

Trachyandra succulents

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6. Lithops

While all succulents are adapted to conserve water, none do it so well as the Lithops. They rarely drink at all, and when they do, it isn’t very much. In fact, some wild Lithops never see rain. They survive by drawing moisture from mist or fog a few times a year.

Lithops succulents

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7. Albuca

Albuca succulents

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8. Echeveria

Echeveria succulents

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9. Conophytum Bilobum

Conophytum Bilobum succulents

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10. Kalanchoe


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