Kei Truck Garden Contest: Transformation of Trucks into Beautiful Gardens

Japan never fails to amaze us. This small country surrounded by oceans is full of events with unique attractions. And one of these events is without any doubt Kei Truck Garden Contest. Here, participants from different regions of the country are competing against each other. For what? To arrange the best garden on Kei trucks.

It sounds exotic, right? Indeed, it is. Each of these gardens is like a work of art. For that reason, each year there is a high number of participants and audiences in this amazing garden contest. Let’s explore the details of this contest and what is considered to be the winner.

Kei Truck Garden Contest

The name of the contest comes from popular Kei trucks in Japan. Also known as Kei-tara, these small trucks are favorite vehicles for people in Japan and some Asian countries. Especially, Kei trucks are used in different construction and agricultural transportation.

Since these trucks are small, they have amazing maneuvering capability. So, they are an amazing vehicle to move in restricted areas such as farms and construction sites. Yet, under the sponsorship of Japan Federation of Landscape, these trucks now have an alternative use. Currently, they are much more popular than ever before.

Interesting and Beautiful Gardens on Truck Body

Kei Truck garden contest is highly competitive. This event is organized annually. Each year, participants are raising the bar for the following years. Here, it is possible to see beautiful landscapes with aquarium or with dazzling trees.

As the competition is high, it is hard to decide who is the winner. In this contest, judges are scoring each landscape based on four criteria. These are planning, expression of the landscape, design, how the landscape was executed, and environment presented in the garden. Based on these criteria, the winner of the year is selected. Although there is only one winner, all landscapes in Kei Truck Garden Contest are glamorous and beautiful.

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1. Fresh Garden With Bench To Have A Cup Of Coffee

truck garden contest japan

2. Bamboo Water Well

truck garden contest japan

3. Refreshing Garden With Cascade Waterfall

truck garden contest japan

4. Green Café

truck garden contest japan