Man Searches For Interesting Places On Google Earth

21. “The Zambezi River downstream of the falls. That’s a very unusual path for any river.”

interesting places

22. “I’ve never seen this saw-tooth pattern on a beach before.”

23. “While looking up that lava flow in New Mexico, there were some maps showing some nuclear bomb test sites nearby. This must have something to do with that. I’m fairly sure this is the sight of the first nuclear detonation.”

24. “The shadow of a mountain.”

interesting places

25. “A glacier flowing out into a lake. The presence of a connecting stream suggests the 2 parts of the lake are at different levels. The glacier made an ice damn. That’s pretty cool.
A river trying to do the same thing in another lake.”

26. “I think this is a coal fired power plant in Egypt. Lookin a little nasty.”

27. “The dark green lines caught my eye because they didn’t make sense. My guess was that they were logging roads, but then why are they more vegetated than the surrounding fields?
Going back in time. They are certainly logging roads. I guess different plants grew on the churned up roads, thus the different colors seen in the last image.”

interesting places

28. “This was a pit of an optical illusion. At first it looked like a pyramid, but the coastline is a bluff, so it must be the inverse of a pyramid. My guess is an abandoned evil villain’s mansion.”

29. “HA. Nice.”

30. “More ships near Tombua, Angola. These might have been intentionally abandoned. They were also not here in the 2003 pics.”

interesting places