30 Bad Examples Of The Most Hilarious Advertising Fails

There are bad ads as well as good advertisements. Here is a list compiled from hilariously bad advertising. Check out these ad fails!

1. This Ad For Graduation Photography

bad advertisementbox_cardinal_peanut

2. I Pass This Billboard Everyday And Everyday I Think He’s A Vampire

bad advertisementfitygrands

3. This Ad Placement

bad advertisementvadge

4. This Guy Must Be Feeling Pretty Great On This Ad


5. I Used To Be Able To See The Towel On Her Head

bad advertisementmikaelstein

6. I Think She Should Go To The Hospital Instead Of Booking A Flight

bad advertisementMariaDmnd

7. Math Is Hard. Don’t Let It Get You Down

bad advertisementweinythewhite

8. Well, Now That The Floors Are Clean

bad advertisement


9. A Bag Of Apples With A Character On It That Got Poisoned By An Apple


10. How Did They Not See This?

bad advertisementbarry_the_rotten