40 Times People Shared The Most Interesting Medical Cases

31. This Condition Is Called Mirror Hand Syndrome, Less Than 100 Cases Have Ever Been Diagnosed And The Cause Is Still Unknown

medical casesKaantjeBanaantje

32. Fully Inflated Horse Lungs


33. Ladybug Found In The Transverse Colon During Screening Colonoscopy

medical casessurlier

34. Case Study Of Tetanus In An Unvaccinated Child


35. And That’s Why You Wear A Hard Hat

medical casesmaplesyrupchin

36. This White “Soap” Is The First 3D Printed Bionic Pancreas


37. Extracted Tooth With Intact Nerve Root – Super Rare

medical casesMishMeeter

38. Man Coughs Up Huge Blood Clot Shaped Like A Lung – Full Case


39. Case Of Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva

medical casesSurgeox

40. Breast Implant Saves A Life!a Recent Study Published In Sage Medical Journal Describes The Case Of A 30-Year-Old Woman Whose Silicone Breast Implant Deflected A Bullet, Saving Her Life In The Process – Medical Case