40 Times People Shared The Most Interesting Medical Cases

11. 2 Surgeons After Successfully Removing A Set Of Brain Tumors During A 32 Hour Surgery

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12. Second Degree Skin Burn Before And After “Spray-On Skin” Treatment


13. While An Adult May Be Able To Use One Prosthetic For A Decade, A Child Will Likely Require Several Prosthetics In That Same Time Period

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14. Before & After Facial Transplantation


15. Lightning Strike Survivor

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16. “I Work In A Hospital. This Is The Aftermath Of A Trauma. He Lived”


17. This Is In 1987, Zbigniew Religa After A 23 Hour Heart Transplant, Watching His Patient’s Vital Signs. In The Lower Right Corner, You Can See One Of His Colleagues Who Helped Him With The Surgery Fallen Asleep

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18. Mri Scans Of A Boy Born With Only 2% Of His Brain And 2 Years Later. His Brain Regrew To 80% Of Its Intended Size And He Only Suffers From Comparably Small Cognitive Deficits Today


19. According To My Doctor I Was The First Person In The World To Receive A 3D Printed Bone In 2014. Without It, I Would Have Lost My Knee

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20. I Had A Brain Tumor Removed, And Now I’m A Bit Absent Minded