20+ Creative Things Show Imaginations of Humanity

12. These lightsaber chopsticks

AmITheChad / reddit

13. So that you always know what’s inside

Castle0nACloud / reddit

14. “I just noticed my backpack’s chest strap is also a whistle.”

xMudxCrabx / reddit

15. This cat backpack for traveling

crestonebeard / reddit

16. “An air-filled pillow that a hat I ordered online was shipped in”

MinnesotaBoy25 / reddit

17. “My multi-tool hair clip can be used as a ruler and a little wrench.”

MyUglyKitty / reddit

18. “Reusable, resealable cans at my local shop in the UK”

human creativitymchickenl / reddit

19. This changing room mirror has different light settings for you to try your clothes on in front of.

human creativity

theujwalsuspects / reddit

20. The public toilets at this shopping center have an extra smaller toilet seat for little humans.

im-Scary-Terry/ reddit

21. “My dad has a cap with a solar-powered fan on it.”

human creativityTahsinTariq / reddit