Humans Decided To Compare Things That Make You Surprised

We wonder how tall or wide things and compare things to make it clear. There would be surprising results when we compare some things to see how big or tall are they. Some people compared the things that maybe you never compared before and the results will make you surprised. Have you ever compared how the size of a kiwi or traffic lambs? Here are 14 interesting comparisons.

1. My big toe compared to my wife’s big toe

compare thingsretundamonkey

2. Walmart strawberry VS the organic one I grew in my garden.


3. The size of a Tyrannosaurus tooth cast against an adult human arm

compare thingsILOVETOS**KCATS

4. How big cactuses can really grow


5. Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal’s size 22 shoes compared to a full-size basketball

compare thingsajhidell63

6. For anyone wondering what the actual size of a kiwi is


7. The thorns on the Acacia Erioloba look like a whole new level of pain.

compare thingsBrowndog888

8. A traffic light is probably bigger than you are.

Mario Tama

9. A penny from 1847 vs today.

compare thingssteamy_linguini / Reddit

10. The size of a baby monkey

Floridapfe from S.Korea Kim in cherl