The Finalists Of The Urban Photo Awards 2021

Here is a list of the finalists of the urban photo awards 2021. These all of the 30 photographs of the finalists deserve to be seen.

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1. Istanbul, Turkey By Forrest Walker

urban photo

2. Pop By Laura Zalenga

3. Untitled By Istvan Kerekes

urban photo

4. Silhouttes And Reflections By Giancarlo Staubmann

5. Blonde By Ahmad Mohammad Taghi Shirazi

urban photo

6. Untitled By Оксана Сергеевна Зайцева

7. Untitled By Pau Kessel

urban photo

8. His Own World By Amir Arabshahi

9. Morning View In Situ Patenggang By Robert Lie

urban photo

10. Timeless Courtesy By Sigrid Debusschere