People Share Hilarious Things From The Land Of ‘Nope’, Australia

31. Google Street View Has Blurred The Face Of Ballina’s Big Prawn. Privacy First!

hilarious thingsgreggobbard

32. My Dad Kept Getting Recognized As Scomo So My Sis And I Made Him A Shirt To Keep Him Safe While Travelling Australia


33. I’m An American Intern In Sydney. The Office Made Me This Spread Of Classic Australian Goodies. Not Pictured: Cheezels, Milo, And BBQ Shapes

hilarious thingshoneyedlife

34. This Street Has An Optical Illusion Painted On A Bunch Of Buildings. Fremantle, Australia


35. Sexy Calendars In Australia


36. For All The Naysayers Who Think The Rest Of Us Are Paranoid


37. 40 Degrees Up North Vic Today. Had A Little Visitor Come And Smack The Door With His Tail Before Taking A Dip In Our Pond


38. My Mum’s Partner Found This Brown Snake Under His Toilet Lid


39. Til Melbourne Is Closer To Antarctica Than It Is To Darwin


40. Straight From Brisbane Central

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