People Share Hilarious Things From The Land Of ‘Nope’, Australia

21. I Love Australia


22. Rescued This Guy From My Shed, Must Have Been Locked In There For A Few Days, And 10mins Later He Came To Backdoor To Say Thanks Before Heading Off To Eat Cherry Plums!

hilarious thingsMattSpew

23. Slipped Through The Back Door Of Department Of Transport…


24. Stunning View

hilarious thingscashbonez

25. Australia Summed Up


26. This Possum Chilling In The Workshop At My Work

hilarious thingssealvia

27. Smart Bins In Australia Use Solar Power To Compact Waste. Includes Foot Handle


28. No Thanks


29. Selling Point For Aussie School

hilarious thingsBray0910

30. The Morning Shoe Check (Before We Put Them On) Saved My Wife A Bit Of Pain Today