He Heard Quacking From Above…And Good Thing! This Hero Saved The Day.

Eric Pelno, a resident of Tampa Bay, became a hero overnight by saving a duckling at Busch Gardens.

When Eric was walking in the Busch Gardens along with his girlfriend, Channing, she felt that there was something soft that had hit her shoulder. When she took a closer look, she was shocked to know that it was a duckling that had hit her. She stopped by and examined above, where she found that there were a group of fuzzy ducklings located 30 feet above and were trying to get closer to their mother, who was below.

After a while, the ducklings started to leap down one after the other and luckily, Eric spotted it before it was too late and he gently caught each one of them before putting them on the ground.

These types of duckling rescues will actually make anyone happy and merely watching it is a wonderful sight as well!

Ok I cut some of the slow parts out so everyone can watch both videos in one haha I'm sorry if I'm annoying but I still can't believe this happened today ??

Posted by Channing Deren on Sunday, June 19, 2016

Eric nearly caught 20 ducklings and reunited them with their mother. His girlfriend said that Eric went into beast mode to catch the ducklings!

We are proud of you Eric!