When You See This Abandoned, Neglected Pit Bull, Your Heart Will Shatter

We all love the abandoned dog stories that are focused on rescuing the animal and giving him a new home.  This one is no different, but there is a twist that will make you sob endlessly and wish that you could jump through the screen and beat up the person that did this to this poor pit bull dog.  Named Dennis, this kind creature was neglected and left to die by owners that were scared off by his stereotype as a harsh and cruel animal.  Seeing the pain and confusion in his dog’s eyes, it’s hard to imagine that anyone could think this animal is anything more than adorable.  Without a cruel bone in his body, Dennis was left to die on his own with no one who would vouch for him until these rescuers came along and turned his story around.  A tearjerker that will make a difference in your life, this is a must-watch for all animal lovers.