They Walked Into A Seemingly Normal Home, But The Condition They Found It In? Horrible.


The person who visited this place said that he hoped it would be the last rescue he does!

Although there is extensive cruelty with animals in puppy mills, as per ASPCA, there are nearly 10,000 of these establishments located throughout the US.

When a person buys a puppy from a pet store, they indirectly fund an unlicensed and horrible puppy mill where brutality and cruelty are over the roof.


Even though these dogs look cute, you would be shocked to know that they were bred in brutal conditions and there are high chances that the breeder was irresponsible.


Operation Dire Straits happened when Animal Rescue Corps went on a rescue mission to a house in Morgan County, TN.


These dogs did not have much time on their side.


Animal Rescue Corps did a great job and have a look at the video to know more about what they did and the amount of effort they put in at this home to save these helpless animals.

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