People Tell How They Grew Up Poor With Their Own Experiences


grew up poorsculptedpixels

How bad powdered milk tastes after you’ve had real milk, and how good powdered milk tastes when you’re truly hungry.



Going to bed hungry. Or purposefully leaving food so your parents could eat the leftovers since that would be their only meal… That hurts to think about, even now.


grew up poorsjone65

Margarine and cinnamon on bread? Cinnamon toast! Ate that all the time growing up



McDonald’s can be a place for special occasions only.


grew up poorCalabria630

Packages of socks and underwear and other necessities wrapped up under the Christmas tree. Funny thing was, I thought those were the standard Christmas gifts until I got married and my husband was like, what’s with the socks and underwear for Christmas?



For fun, I would go to the city dump with my grandpa to peel proof of purchase labels off cereal boxes to be redeemed for refunds or prizes. I still have some of the dolls my grandpa got for me.


grew up poorqueenejizabeth

I am not attached to the concept of “liking” everything I eat. My son hates it, because I’m like “It’s what we’re having, and if you don’t like it, better luck tomorrow.” He’s never had to learn from actual experience to be grateful he was getting anything at all.



My classmates used to make fun of me because I would wear the same shirt every day and my sneakers had holes in them. This is one of the reasons why we started our charity, Alice’s Kids. Thanks for raising this issue, Trevor.


grew up poorCpoh91

The guilt and anxiety in adulthood when you buy anything for yourself.

The need to not feel like you could lose everything at any minute.

Limiting your processions on the chance that any moment you may need to gather everything and leave never to come back.



Got a cold? Grab a roll of toilet paper. I still feel like kleenex is a luxury item for the Queen of Sheba but my partner has chipped away at that, apparently it’s not actually that expensive.