Goldfish Owner Makes A Cork ‘Wheelchair’ To Help His Sick Fish Swim Upright

Fish are one of the most underrated pets, and often when they get sick we are told there was nothing we can do about it. If you browse the Internet regularly, you will have seen doggy wheelchairs and turtles with prosthetic limbs, but very rarely do we see anyone caring for fish in the same way.

This own about the trend. When a goldfish gets constipation or a bladder infection, it often can’t swim up right and this usually leads to its untimely death. This owner found a genius solution; simply make a goldfish wheelchair by tying a cork to it to keep it upright.

Using a simple cork, this owner saved his fish’s life

goldfish wheelchair cork sling floatleability

Floating ‘wheelchairs’ like these help sick fish stay upright

goldfish wheelchair cork sling floatsynirr

Swim bladder infections or constipation can make it hard or impossible to swim with balance

goldfish wheelchair cork sling floatSWNS

There are professional veterinary versions, too!

goldfish wheelchair cork sling floatSWNS

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