The World At The Turn Of The 20th Century — As Seen From One Legendary Geographer

India — Fakir with monkeys, 1890-2920.

Woman holding a baby on a street in Istanbul, 1915-1923.

Woman in old Greek Costume, 1920

Two gypsy women standing, Palestine, 1893.

Head hunters in the upper Amazon, Brazil, 1890-1923.

Boy and girl dancing in Scotland, 1900-1925.

Two women posing in Palestine, 1910-1925.

Japanese bedroom with thick quilt used as a bed, 1890-1923.

Kling boy in India, 1890-1923.

Kling people, Singapore, 1890-1923.

Panama–Spraying oil on breeding places of mosquitoes, 1890-1925.

Priest sitting in India, 1890-1900.

Group of Russian peasants, 1875.

Snake charmers in India, 1890-1900.

Druse bride of Mt. Lebanon, Syria, 1910-1925.

Views of Thailand, 1890-1923.

Zulu man, 1890-1923.

Two women posed, seated, Saigon, South Vietnam, 1890-1923.

Zulu men near a cauldron, 1920-1930.

Women in Turkish clothing, 1923.

Two Jewish girls on a beach in Tunis, Tunisia, 1860-1890.

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 Frank Carpenter/Library of Congress