30 Incredible Photos That People Won The Food Lottery

21. My Popsicle Has An Entire Oreo Cookie Inside


22. I Found A Single Piece Of Bicycle Shaped Pasta In My Penne

best food lotterypetit_juju

23. This Absolute Unit Of A Lemon My Girlfriend Grew (Regular Sized Lemon For Reference)


24. I Found A Triple Banana


25. Absolute Unit Of A Grape Branch


26. I Opened A Yogurt With No Yogurt On The Lid

interesting food lotteryThecurtain80

27. This Extra Large Chocolate Chip

interesting food lotterydukebailey

28. This Grape That Looks Like A Pumpkin


29. My 61g Pack Of Skittles Is Crammed Full And Actually Weighs 103g

interesting food lotteryWaspy1

30. My Grape Is Long

best food lotteryTheBoyChadwik