30 Incredible Photos That People Won The Food Lottery

The food lottery is a worldwide, free-of-charge game purely dependent on chance. Check out this compiled a list of the best food prizes!

1. Found A Wizard In My Gummy Bear Pack


2. This Incredible Carrot Hand Was Found While Digging Juice Carrots At Our Farm Today

 food lotteryMoby-Dickens

3. Jackpot

 food lotteryTheEarthquakeLady

4. Today’s Clementine Had An Almost Perfect Mini Clementine Inside


5. My Nonna Wanted Me To Post This On The Internet So That “Everyone In Italy Can See How Big My Tomatoes Have Gotten”

 food lottery3than6

6. This Pearl I Found In An Oyster I Was Eating


7. I For One Welcome Our Mutant Carrot Overlords


8. These Gummy Bears Came Stuck Together In The Bag


9. I Had A Quadruple Mini Banana This Morning

 food lotterysigglet

10. The Way My Cheese Melted On My Burger