30 Incredible Photos Of People Who Won The Food Lottery

The food lottery is a worldwide, free-of-charge game purely dependent on chance. Check out this compiled list of the best food prizes!

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1. This Big Lettuce

food lotterymtlgrems

2. Found A Perfect Salt Crystal In My Sea Salt Packet


3. A Miracle Has Occurred

food lotteryTheGhostOfSamT

4. This Butternut Squash Was Almost All Squash


5. Giant Lemon Off Our Tree

food lotteryocscottie

6. Was Portioning Out Some Sour Patches When The Ultimate Sour Patch Boss Fell Out


7. My Friend’s Chicken Laid A Huge Egg With A Regular Size Egg Inside It

food lotteryMazzack

8. Grapes My Dad Grows That Look Like Plums


9. This Banana Is The Size Of My Entire Forearm

food lotteryreddit.com

10. My 5-Year-Old Found A Pack Of Fruit Roll-Ups With 2 Rolls In 1 Wrapper