33 Creative Ideas Of How To Fix Broken Stuff

23. Don’t Have The Money To Fix It? Improvise


24. Open Bottom Chairs Have A Chance To Be Useful Again By Repairing Them With Tightened Belts


25. How To Fix A Cracked Mirror

fix broken stuffPositively Amy

26. Cover The Cat Scratches On The Sofa With Flea Market Doilies

fix broken stuffAmy Gross

27. Mend Moth Holes With Cute Patches

Kristena Derrick

28. How To “Unbreak” Broken Ceramics With The Ancient Japanese Technique Kintsugi

One Kings Lane

29. The Only Way To Fix A Hole In The Wall


30. DIY Custom Repaired Toms

fix broken stuff


31. Repair Cat Scratches On Couch With The Colored Yarn

Helena Wroblewska

32. The Proper Way To Fix A Dent

fix broken stuffBrittEliseBSN

33. Creative Ways To “Fix” Your Broken Phone Screen