People Share Their Own Woodworking Projects, They’re Amazing

The subreddit Woodworking is all about appreciating woodworking projects with the most creative, and breathtaking examples of wood DIY. These are the most adorable and remarkable ones of woodworking projects.

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1. My New Work, Turtle Nightlight! A Combination Of Resin And Wood!

woodworking projects

2. 17-Year Celtic Knot Table Project Involving 2 Generations. Dedicated To My Wife Susan Who Died Of Cancer And Never Got To Meet Her 30 Grandchildren. Western Red Cedar. Arm-R-Seal Satin. Base Pedestal Made Of Reclaimed Timber From A Western Sizzler Fire

woodworking projects
The King’s Carpenter

3. Desk Dog Lamp

woodworking projects

4. Hello From Ukraine. My City Is Occupied By Russian Troops. So I Hurried To Finish Machete Pipe. Don’t Know What Will Happen Next, But Think When The War Is Over I Will Send It To Danny Trejo

woodworking projects

5. I Built This Mechanical Iris Cabinet Using Wood, Brass, And 3D Prints. There Are Over 100 Parts, 30 Bearings, And 16 Axes Of Rotation In This Design

woodworking projects

6. It’s Done!!! Now Should It Hang Like A Diamond Or Square? 2 Tone Stains On Birch

woodworking projects

7. Little Cedar Cabin I Built Solo

woodworking projects

8. A Side Table I Made To Look Like A Sitting Table Guy


9. Couple Of High Chairs For My Grandson

woodworking projects

10. The Wood Brick Bowl! I Cast These Oak “Bricks” In Blue Resin And Turned Them Down To A Bowl

woodworking projects