40 Kids Will Make You Faith In Humanity Again

31. These Two Toddlers Who Had Never Met Before, But Decided To Hug It Out In The Middle Of An Airport Terminal

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32. Walked In On My Little Cousins


33. My Wife Told My Daughter That The Kitty Was Hurt (Arthritis) And To Be Careful With Her. Daughter: “Ok I’ll Read To Her”


34. This 8-Year-Old Boy Is Raising Money Online And Making Sure No Kid Is Denied A Hot Lunch

faith in humanityNo Kid Goes Hungry

35. Carlitos Saved Up His Own Money To Buy The Shelter Dogs Peanut Butter

Prairie Paws Animal Shelter

36. She Found Out Our Dog Had To Get Shots, So Wile We Were Waiting In The Parking Lot Of The Vet Our Daughter Hugged Her And Told Her That Shots Hurt But It Will All Be Okay And That She Will Take The Dog To The Toy Store If She Was A Good Girl

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37. After His Treatment And Recovery Rrom The Stomach Flu, Six-Year-Old Jake And His Family Brewed Iced Tea And Baked Cookies, Which They Sold At His Father’s Business Asking For Donations Only. They Raised $275, Which Jake Used To Purchase 1,800 Coloring Books To Give To Other Children Who Are Treated At The Hospital

Stony Brook Long Island Children’s Hospital

38. My-12-Year-Old Son Ran A Cake Stall To Raise Money For Cancer Research. He Raised £79

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39. Bagged Lunches Prepped & Presented To DPD’s 11th District By 9-Year-Old Girl Who Used Her B-Day Cash To Do So

Jason Scott

40. 7-Year-Old Boy Spotted A Fire, Woke Up His Dad And Saved The House

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