40 Kids Will Make You Faith In Humanity Again

21. My Daughter Asked Me If She Could Sell Her Stuffed Animals And Donate The Money To Our Local Spca

faith in humanityBuffitron

22. Homeless Boy Does His Homework Using The Light From A Local Mcdonald’s

Joyce Gilos Torrefranca

23. 17-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Carried His Puppy 500km To Greece


24. 2-Year-Old Triplets Become Best Friends With Their Garbage Collectors

faith in humanityMartha Sugalski

25. It’s Been Almost A Year Since We Took In The Neighborhood Stray And My Son Still Insists On Tucking Him In When He Naps “So He Knows That He Lives At Our House And Will Come Back.”


26. Little Boy Plays Video Games With His Friend Who’s Stuck In Quarantine At The Hospital

faith in humanity

27. 9-Year-Old Girl Builds Shelters For The Homeless And Grows Food For Them, Too

Hailey’s Harvest

28. This 5-Year-Old Girl Sneaked A Baby Cow Into Her Home To Cuddle With It

Billie Jo Decker

29. 6-Year-Old Rescues 8 Ducklings From Drain Pipe

faith in humanityInside Edition

30. 5-Year-Old Girl Saved Her Mother Having A Seizure In A Swimming Pool

Gabe Hernandez