40 Kids Will Make You Faith In Humanity Again

11. 13-Year-Old Boy Saved His Baseball Coach’s Life By Administering CPR And Calling 911

Florence Freedom Professional Baseball

12. These Kids In Canada Tied Coats To Street Poles To Help Homeless Prepare For Winter

faith in humanityTara Smith-Atkins

13. Kids Do What They Feel. These Two Strangers Just Hugged In A Fast Food Restaurant


14. This Young Filipino Girl Trying To Keep Her Puppy Safe During A Flood

15. This Boy Offering A Bottle Of Water To A Policeman During A Hot Day In Baltimore

faith in humanityBishop M. Cromartie

16. My Son Said There’s Some Kids In His Class That Don’t Eat Their Lunch. “How Come?” “Cause They Don’t Have One, Mommy. Can I Bring Them Some Of Mine?” Totally His Idea, And He Helped Pack It, Too


17. 8-Year-Old Boy Won $1000 Scavenger Hunt And Donated His Winning To His Little Neighbor That Was Battling Leukemia

ABC News

18. Children Practice Their Reading Skills To Calm Shy Shelter Dogs

faith in humanityhsmo.org

19. Little Girl Surprises Her Favorite Garbage Man With Birthday Cupcake

City of Bloomington

20. 9-Year-Old Boy Saves His Summer Allowance Money To Buy And Donate Books To Local Jail

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office