40 Facts About The Human Body That Most People Don’t Know


Your body will reduce your muscle strength to protect your spine.

Stand on flat ground, hold your arms out in a t-pose, and have a friend push down on your hand while you try to hold it in place. That’s your control, how strong you actually are.

Now, remove 1 shoe (or put a book under 1 foot) and repeat with your hips askew so your spine isn’t straight. An inch is all it takes.

Your strength will be reduced to the point that your friend can use a single finger to push your hand down.



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The reason it’s so easy to break your collar bone is because its designed to break.

The way it was explained to me is that its like a circuit breaker. It breaks there to stop the shock of impact getting to your spine


Alzheimer’s disease isn’t just gradual loss of memory. It physically exists in the brain. It’s a physical substance that attacks the brain. Like, if you were able to open the skull of a person suffering from Alzheimer’s disease to take a look at their brain, you would actually see this sticky, fibrous, grey physical matter overtaking their brain.



The eyeball is the fastest healing part on your body.


The appendix is not a vestigial organ. It actually protects good bacteria in the gut. You can live without it, but it’s not just chillin’ in there


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You will sooner die from lack of sleep than lack of food.

You can live, depending on your current body fat and health level, for months without food. Estimates are you that you will die for lack of sleep within 2 weeks


Scars are not made of “permanent” tissue (they’re held together by collagen) and are in a constant state of repair. This repair is facilitated by vitamin C (amongst other things). Yes, this means that people with scurvy (from vitamin C deficiency) will see all their old scars reopen into fresh wounds.



Humans are one of a few species of mammal that oddly don’t produce their own vitamin C due to lack of a certain enzyme. Other mammalian species who exhibit this mutation are those contained in the main primate suborder Haplorhinni (monkeys, apes, tarsiers), as well as bats, capybaras, and guinea pigs.

All other mammals produce vitamin C in the liver.


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Some women can feel the exact moment an egg is released from the ovary during ovulation. Feels like a little pop just on one side. Pretty neat


You can calm yourself down by splashing cold water on your face to trigger the mammalian diving reflex.