40 Facts About The Human Body That Most People Don’t Know


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Your brain continues to try to revive the body long after the heart has stopped. In some cases 30 hours later there has been found brain activity trying to make repairs to bring the body back. This is used to indicate time of death in murder victims.


The proportion of your vision that is actually in sharp focus roughly equates to the size of your thumbnail at arm’s length. The rest of it is just your visual cortex filling in the blanks.


In children under 11 (for some reason), cutting off the fingertip from the last knuckle will result in complete regeneration of the finger in 100% of cases, assuming the naibed is intact. There’s no explanation for why this happens, why it only happens to children under 11 and why it can’t be sequences to fully regenerate / grow organs. It also occurs in many animals, as observed in test rodents.

I learned that in science class in grade 8 and my dad called me a liar. I showed him my science textbook and he threw it away and said it was fake.



Every minute you shed over 30,000 dead skin cells off your body


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You can live “normally” with half your brain. In some severe drug resistant epileptic syndrom in young kids, the only option to stop the seizures is to remove a complete brain hemisphere.

After a while, with proper reeducation and all, the children can go on to have a normal life without cognitive deficit. They will have a limping, blindness from one eye and a very weark arm but can lead a normal life and not end up cognitively impaired.

One of the earliest sign of alzheimer’s disease, before the memory loss, could be the loss of the sense of smell. It’s also the case with Parkinson disease.

Our brain looks wrinkled because it is actually “folded” inside our skull in order to fit a maximum of surface and thus neurons & cell communications. Some animals like rodents have a completely smooth brain.



You can poop out of your mouth if your intestines get backed up enough. It’s like vomit, doesn’t look like actual poop per se, but it’s still disgusting.


The reason it feels weird when you or someone touches the inside of your belly button is because the nerves actually go to your spinal cord. These nerves lie at the same level that relay signals to your urethra and bladder. So when you feel like you have to pee when you touch the inside of your belly button, that’s why.


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Humans have stripes, we just normally can’t see them. They’re called Blaschko’s lines and form along the paths of embryonic cell migration. The stripes are sort of U-shaped down our front, V-shaped on our back, wavy on the head and face and we have basic, simple stripes on our extremities.


We’re the best marathon runners in the animal kingdom and can win a marathon against any animal out there.


Each one of your eyes has a blind spot where the optic nerve exit your eye into your brain. You can’t see it because your brain tricks you not to see, it covers the spot with some made up image of what it thinks fits better with the rest of it.