Every Kid Needs A Dog, Here Is The Proof!

21. Home From School With The Flu. Asked My Son Why The Top Of Our Teacup Chihuahua’s Head Was Wet When They Woke Up From Nap Time. He Said, “I Licked Him. I Wanted To Say ‘I Love You’ In His Language So He Would Really Know”

adorable kids dogs friendship

22. No One Messes With My Niece

adorable kids dogs friendshipgoumama

23. My Friend’s Daughter And Her Valentine’s Present

adorable kids dogs friendshipproject_seven

24. My Niece And Her Best Friend Got A Trampoline. I Think They Are Enjoying It

adorable kids dogs friendshipalpalbrown

25. My Son Giving His Dog A Quick Pep Talk Before The Vet Comes Back

adorable kids dogs friendshiphanimilly

26. My Friends Dog Giving Up His Favorite Blanket To My Daughter

adorable kids dogs friendshipSomeRationalGuy

27. My Daughter And Dog Checking Out The First Snow Of The Season

adorable kids dogs friendshipworldsokayestmom

28. She’s In Love With The New Tiny Human

adorable kids dogs friendship


29. My Puppy And My Baby Girl Fight Over Who’s Going To Warm Their Butt On The Vent In The Morning. The Baby Won Today. The Puppy Is Pouting About It

adorable kids dogs friendshipmoonstep77

30. Turned The Corner To See My Daughter And Her Dog Like This

adorable kids dogs friendshipgraciiieee