20 Stunning Long Exposure Shots That We Love

11. I Took This Long Exposure Shot Of A Pumpkin As My Lense Unknowingly Fogged Up

long exposure photoskudjo24

12. Long Exposure Of Helicopter Landing

long exposure photosAndreas Feininger

13. A Long Exposure Photo Of A Train Roaring Through The Canadian Rockies

long exposure photosDonTago

14. Long Exposure Of A Tilt-A-Whirl

long exposure photosMehulat

15. Long Exposure Of “Merry Go Round”

long exposure photosSergei Kalinin

16. I Attached A Blinking Light To The Robot And Did A 10 Minutes Exposure Of It Cleaning The Living Room

long exposure photosbenkol

17. Long Exposure Of A Departing Tram In Budapest Covered With 30,000 Leds

long exposure photosZsolt Andrasi

18. I Put Some Fireflies In A Jar And Did A Long Exposure For 3 Minutes. (Don’t Worry I Let Them Go)

long exposure photosHeidi Stauff

19. Here Is A Long Exposure Zoom Keyboard

long exposure photosLuke_Dukem

20. Long Exposure Photography Of A Snowboarder With Leds On His Board

long exposure photosI_AM_STILL_A_IDIOT