20 Stunning Long Exposure Shots That We Love

1. Departing Tram Long Exposure

long exposure photosViktor Varga

2. Milky Way Long-Exposure Looks Like Fractal Geometry

long exposure photosChristian Sasse

3. Long Exposure Photo Of A Plane Taking Off

long exposure photosHilltopchill

4. Traffic Light Long Exposure

long exposure photosLucas Zimmermann

5. Long Exposure Of Fireflies In A Forest, Japan

long exposure photosspicedpumpkins

6. The Motions Of Canoers And Kayakers Revealed With Leds In Long Exposure Photography

long exposure photosStephen Orlando

7. Long Exposure Of Ferris Wheel Looks Like It Has Stained Glass

long exposure photosAyako Huzikawa

8. Zoomed Out While Taking A Picture Of My Christmas Tree

long exposure photosbryce901

9. Long Exposure Of Fireworks

long exposure photosProteon

10. Long Exposure Of Bugs Under A Streetlamp

long exposure photosTnargkiller