The Milky Way Over Yellowstone Will Take Your Breath Away

There’s no doubt that there are many the couple out there who have spent time laying in a park and gazing up at the stars. It’s a calming sensation that is often romanticized in the movie, but it is important in real life, too. Photographer, David Lane, spent months getting photos of the Milky Way over Yellowstone Park. Piling the images together so that the viewers would see what the formation looked like from the inside.  He shares that night photography can be hard to get just right, but in setting the right settings up in the perfect location, you can get photos like the ones seen here. The photos have shown, however, are several images pieced together so that we can see what he has been working to capture has a whole. With this camera. Lane has shown us all how to look at the Universe from our unique perspective so that we can see just how important it is and how we are so lucky to even be here at all. More info: | Facebook | 500px

“Get away from the light drive out 20-30 miles out of town…”

Milky Way Over Yellowstone

“…look up on a clear dark night and you may see something that will forever change your life”

Milky Way Over Yellowstone

“This is what a galaxy looks like from the inside”

Milky Way Over Yellowstone

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