Surreal Photos Of Fireflies From Japan’s 2016 Summer

Japan is a well known country for the scenic beauty and the tranquility surrounding it. However, you did not know that fireflies are another reason to visit the Land of Rising Sun! During each summer, these beautiful fireflies throng the forests of Japan and make it a show of lights, while they are trying to lure their mates. It is a charm for photographers to capture this wonderful view n Japan ash the flash from fireflies is a lovely sight to see and capture. But to click it at the right moment, photographers mount their cameras on tripods and click it with a rather long exposure. Scroll down to see some of the most beautiful photos of Japan and fireflies that you would never have seen before! (h/t: spoon&tomago)

Fireflies From JapanImage credits: Yu Hashimoto

Fireflies From Japan

Image credits: Hiroyuki Shinohara

Fireflies From Japan

Image credits: Yume Cyan

Fireflies From JapanImage credits: hm777

Fireflies From JapanImage credits: Nomiyama Kei

Fireflies From JapanImage credits: Asuka I

Fireflies From JapanImage credits: fumial

Fireflies From Japan

Image credits: hm777

Fireflies From JapanImage credits: Daisuke Aochi

Fireflies From JapanImage credits: zabby