30 Wholesome Pics Of Kids With Dogs

11. My Daughter Has A Huge Heart For Dogs And Begged For Months To Get Another Rescue. She Even Used All Her Money To Pitch In For The Fees. Here She Is With Our Third Rescue Pupper, Daisy


12. Our Neighbor Gives Treats Through The Fence. Recently He Has Been Giving My Daughter Treats Too. This Is Them Waiting Patiently Today

dogs with kidsMokeOG

13. My Moms Rescue Dog Rico Is Best Friends With My Baby. I Interrupted Them Watching Peppa Pig


14. Just A Boy And His New Dog

dogs with kidsKevin_0019

15. I Knew My Senior Dog Loved Babies, But Seeing Him Love My Daughter Makes My Heart Burst

dogs with kidssarahdxyz

16. Peeking Buddies

dogs with kidskippei_husky

17. My Best Friend Has Four Paws. CJ (5 Years Old) And Chance (3 Months Old)

JS Jeab Saisuda Photography

18. This Bulldog Squish Into Any Space As Along As He’s Close To His Human

dogs with kids


19. My Dog Thinks My Daughter Is His Baby. They Love Each Other So Much. This Is How They Fell Asleep Yesterday During Nap Time

dogs with kidsjakeisthewolf

20. 6 Years Of Friendship

dogs with kidsDanielHillSKW