18 Designs That Are Weird But Genius At The Same Time

11. “The front page of a Danish newspaper today”

genius© Depple/reddit

12. Bags at an optometrist’s office in D.C.

© iliacire/reddit

13. “Paper clip bicycle racks in Washington, D.C.”

genius© natsnats411/reddit

14. “This railing on the gazebo in Naples has braille describing the view for blind people.”

© GallowB***/reddit

15. “A dry cleaning stall in Singapore that looks like a giant washing machine”

genius© chopstickemup/reddit

16. An optical illusion design of crosswalks

© alanboston/reddit

17. “This wavy designed guitar”

genius© Creator_four/reddit

18. “A cartoon-style sign for a cafe”

© SketchyByte/reddit