Crochet Lovers Share Remarkable And Beautiful Works

21. New Item Finally Finished. He Is 11 Ft Long

crochet loversCrathbCrochet

22. Just Made All Of These Beautiful Princesses! Just Got Kicked Out Of A Facebook Group For Posting Them. But I Thought Your Guys Would Appreciate All My Hard Work!


23. I’m So Happy With How This Turned Out!

crochet loverskittycat176

24. I Made A Little Pumpkin Cat


25. Bit Of Brag: My Nephew Wanted To Show Me He Still Has The Baby Dragon I Crocheted For Him When He Was A Wee Baby. I’d Say It’s Held Up Pretty Well

crochet loversPre_Gen_Character

26. I Made A Crochet Flower Crown For All You Crochet Royals!


27. I Finished This Dress Yesterday And One Of My Friends Wants To Buy It

crochet loversMissJTolle

28. Thank You For Your Enthusiasm About My Crochet Hobbits. It Inspired Me To Make Larger Hobbits


29. Another Baby Blanket Sent Out! Loved Making This One

crochet loverschestapeake

30. Finished Impkin!! The Designer Even Used My Pics For The Thumbnail