Crochet Lovers Share Remarkable And Beautiful Works

Crochet lovers shared their remarkable and beautiful works in a Reddit group and here are 40 of them.

Crochet lovers are here!

1. My Wife Makes Lovely Crochet Animals. At The Moment She Is Not On A High With Self Confidence So I Want To Show Her That Her Work Is Not Only Liked By Our Kids And Myself

crochet loversDiaphor

2. I’m Happy To Show You My New Sheep Design. I Don’t Really Like To Make Clothes For Toys But This Fur Coat Had Been Made In One Breath, As The Sheep Itself


3. Yaay I Finally Finished My Lockdown Project (Started May 2020!) Annoyingly I Can’t Get It To Look As Good In Pictures As In Real Life (Any Tips Lol). It’s Only My 3rd Ever Project So I Am Really Chuffed With How It Turned Out


4. My First [fo]. I Fell In Love With A Girl Who Loves Daisies. She Showed Me A Picture Of A Blanket Like This. I Had No Clue How To Crochet, But She Really Liked That Blanket, So I Knew What I Had To Do

crochet loversRetfordOaks

5. Crocheted My Wedding Dress


6. I Designed This Cardigan For My Little Girl


7. I Made A Shark Its Not The Best But Im 14 And I Tried

crochet lovers69_nice-

8. Thought I Would Release My Own UFO Images Since The Pentagon Is Releasing Theirs


9. Ladies In My Village In Southern Spain Crochet And Hang These Over This Street

crochet loversSylocule

10. An Artist Crochetted A Lady And Her Dog