40 Times People Share Creepy Things They Spotted

11. Got A Notification From My Smart Home App In The Middle Of The Night Saying “Your Doorbell Detected A Visitor”

creepy thingsFatNDepressed

12. An Eerie Underwater Cave Death Warning Sign


13. Teeth In A Squid Suction Cup

creepy thingsleablenten

14. I Went To Dachau Concentration Camp And Felt Almost Like It Didn’t Do Anyone Justice. It Didn’t Seem To Reveal The Extent Of The Horrors Of What Happened There. Until I Saw This. My Heart Was In My Stomach


15. Baby Owls

creepy thingsDragonester

16. Raccoon Hands Reaching Through The Boardwalk


17. Should I Start Digging?

creepy thingsSgt_Nerve

18. Portland Man Found His Tires Slashed, And This Note On His Car


19. The Mist

creepy thingsd4hm3r

20. Reaper