40 Times People Share Creepy Things They Spotted

People shared creepy things they spotted and here are 40 of them.

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1. Handmade Ghost Ship

creepy thingspenguingenuity

2. Artist With Dementia


3. A Friend Went For A Walk The Other Night And Saw This Woman Just Standing On A Roof

creepy thingsewilliam

4. Famine Memorial In Dublin


5. Xylaria Polymorpha Is A Saprobic Fungus Commonly Known As Dead Man’s Fingers

creepy thingsF**koff555

6. This Wasp Nest


7. The Missing Persons Map Has A Frightening Similarity To The Cave Systems Map

creepy thingsNickHintonn

8. Went To Lock The Back Door. There Was A Visitor


9. Saint Bartholomew

creepy thingsProfessionalUnlucky

10. Factory Farm