These Crappy Wildlife Photos Are Very Good At Being Bad (Part IV)

The Facebook group, Crap Wildlife Photography collects spectacularly terrible and awful wildlife photos. Here is a list compiled from some of the best-failed shots!

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1. Bottoms Up!…might Get This One Printed On A Canvas

Ellen Hickey

2. Aggressive Geese

Ki Choi

3. The Time I Took A Picture Of Two American Goldfinches Through A Window Screen And It Came Out Looking Like A Cross Stitch.

Ana Maria Vasconez

4. Dearly Beloved, We Are Gathered Here Today…..

Emma Atticus Harper

5. What’s Your Problem?!

Jonica Palmer

6. I Knew There Were Raccoons In The Tree But I Couldn’t See What They Were Doing Until The Flash Came On/Pictures Came Out…

Lindsay Sletten

7. Spotted This Guy While Delivering Parcels Down On The Beachfront Community. C A M O F L A G E

Freya Hogan

8. If 2020 Was An Eagle

David Chang

9. Spent About 25 Minute Slowly Crawling On My Stomach Through Frozen Mud On A Cold Winters Morning, Lining Up The Perfect Shot For The Last Exposure On My Analogue Camera, After Standing Majestically For The Entire Time I Was Crawling, The Second I Take The Shot It Looks Directly At Me And Lets Out The Loudest Burp I’ve Every Heard.

Sebastian Stern

10. Was Supposed To Be A Pelican

Emma McAleese