These Crappy Wildlife Photos Are Very Good At Being Bad (Part IV)

21. Found The Most Majestic Anemone On The Beach The Other Night. It Reminds Me Of Something, But I Can’t Quite Put My Finger On It…

Steph Renaud

22. Heard A Noise At The Door. Thinking It Was The Friendly Raccoon I’d Seen A Few Times This Week, I Got My Phone Camera Ready To Get Its Picture. However, I Opened The Door And Saw This

Lulis Leal

23. My Friends Cat Bailey Escaped His House. So I Set Up A Trail Cam. He Was Hangin With Da Big Boys In The Back Yard

Joie Mattioli

24. From Vancouver, The Bird Was Parked On The Hood Of My Car, Shot At F16, Giving Lots Of Depth Of Field. Scary!

AP Hovasse

25. From A Couple Years Ago While Checking Wood Duck Boxes For Work. This Lil Thing And It’s Friends Jumped Out (They Nest In The Boxes For The Winter). I Proceeded To Freak Out Because I Didn’t Want It Crawling Up Inside My Pants. My Coworker Found It And Took A Picture For Posterior Posterity

Shasta Slade

26. Just A Couple Of Vultures In The Hospital Courtyard. Nothing To Worry About.

Hami Sayyadioskoie

27. Behold The Majestic Red-Tailed Hawk Update: Hawk Is Fine

crappy wildlife photosMichelle Bartelheimer

28. Behold My Favorite *crap* Wildlife Photo Thus Far

Autumn Schrock

29. What An Unusual Bird On My Deck This Morning!

crappy wildlife photosAnn Marie Jacobson

30. Nudist Squirrels Of The Northern Bruce Peninsula. This Guy Has Been Around For 2 Years Now. He Doesn’t Have Mange, As His Skin Is “Clean” (No Sores & Dry Skin Associated With Mange), Just Genetically Hairless. Hoping To See Him Come Springtime!!

crappy wildlife photosKatrina Page