These Crappy Wildlife Photos Are Very Good At Being Bad (Part IV)

11. I’m New To This Group, Does This Count?

12. Posted This On A Bird Watching Group Thinking It Was A Cracking Photo. Not A Single Person Liked It At All. Must Be Crapper Than I Thought

crappy wildlife photosRachel Balding

13. We Broadcast The Possum Signal Only In The Most Dire Of Garbage Emergencies

crappy wildlife photosAmy Fisher Rosaaen-McDonald

14. Scary Little Egret From Egypt

crappy wildlife photosDoaa Belal Abdelhamed

15. I Was Photographing A Penguin, Put The Telephoto Lens On And It Waddled Over To Stand Less Than A Meter Away So All I Could Get In The Frame Was Its Foot

crappy wildlife photosSteve Ransome

16. No Outside Light On When I Got Home, Cursed Husband For Leaving Pipe I Tripped Over On Path To The Front Door. Once Inside, Husband Vehemently Denied Any Pipe Misdemeanor, So I Turned On Outside Light To Prove Him Wrong…

crappy wildlife photosCindy Lane

17. Oink

Beth Perry

18. Just An Alligator And Turtle Eating Spaghetti Together. Yes They Had A Lady And The Tramp Moment. Mont Belvieu Texas.

Amber Rose

19. My Teenaged Son Went To The Coast. I Asked To See The Pictures He Took, And This Was Literally It

crappy wildlife photosRachel Heffington Pross

20. The Majestic Blacktail Deer. Play Catch They Said. It’ll Be Fun They Said. **no Need To Worry! If You Are Unaware, Bucks Lose And Regrow Their Antlers Every Year. This Guy Will Only Have To Look Like A Dork For A Couple More Months

Taylor Borth