These Crappy Wildlife Photos Are Very Good At Being Bad

The Facebook group, Crap Wildlife Photography collects spectacularly terrible and awful wildlife photos. Here are some of the best-failed shots that may make you think twice about pressing that capture button any time soon.

Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V

1. I Took This Picture Of A Carpenter Bee Last Summer

crap wildlife photos

2. I Was In The Middle Of A Zoom When I Noticed This Bastard

crap wildlife photos

3. Timed My Shot Perfectly. *sigh*

crap wildlife photos

4. Didn’t Know I Was Playing The Sims

5. I Went Out To The Balcony To Photograph The Birds, But Instead Photographed A Fish…

bad wildlife photos

6. Tried To Get A Spread Wings Shot…

terrible wildlife photos

7. Realizing I’d Made A Mistake

8. Owl

9. When You Have An Encounter With A Rare Predator But Get Photobombed By A Magpie

10. Courtesy Of My Dad And His Ancient Phone… Little Owl Eating Lunch

11. A Most Majestic Tree

terrible wildlife photos

12. I Give You Pizza Squirrel.

13. When Poles Fly