30 Crappy Designs That Are Too Good At Being Bad

21. An Ice Cream Parlor Mascot In Southern France

crappy designsOnlyUnoMan

22. Historical Creepy Design – Mickey Mouse Gas Mask From WWII


23. This Vintage Chalk Packaging…

crappy designsStBlaschek

24. Located At A Bar In Shinjuku, Japan. There Is A Bathroom With A Gaint Head Located Infront Of The Toilet. Activated By The Pressure From The Seat, The Face Sings A Strange Drunken Tune And Slowly Moves Towards You… Making The Room Smaller And Smaller, Until Its Lips ‘Kiss’ Your Knees


25. Uh ….

crappy designsDerp_1997

26. He Watches


27. Well… This Is Something…


28. This Ad Is A Nightmare

crappy designshowardkinsd

29. Wow I’m Really Scared Of This!


30. Could Have Hated Baby Yoda Even More