15 Weird And Hilarious Design Fails

There are some such weird and hilarious designs that it’s impossible not to share them.

Here is more about design fails.

1. “Fish scale stairs at my grandma’s”

design fails© BumperTABBY21 / Reddit

2. “This bench with 2 backs and no seat that I saw on a walk”

© Willdowilldowilldo / Reddit

3. “The tiny armrest I had on my flight”

design fails© joewillg / Reddit

4. “This doorstop was unable to do the one thing it was designed to do.”

© Hellohi2318 / Reddit

5. “For the wall traffic indeed”

design fails© tr**hboy / Reddit

6. We feel like something’s a bit off…

© Plevell / Reddit

7. “Stairs to more stairs”

design fails© madethisjustforpewds / Reddit

8. “The Australian Fanta can”

© GcubePlayer8w / Reddit

9. We are big fans of this design.

design fails© realniftyarts / Reddit

10. “In the house I’m moving into the guy painted over the light switch.”

© redditcredditdebbit / Reddit

11. “I’ll… use the other door.”

design fails© Tidiahn / Reddit

12. “This bathroom stall at my school”

© BoopBeepBoopie / Reddit

13. “A bear is a bear, right?”

design fails© hellionzzz / Reddit

14. Not the smoothest ride for your spine

© daaaangdood / Reddit

15. “Finish carpentry is too fiddly.”

design fails© AMillionMonkeys / Reddit