40 Times People Realised Their Grandparents Were Cooler Than Them

31. My Great-Grandmother In Her New Car. She Was Most Likely The First Indian Woman In The Western US To Own A Car (April 7, 1916)

cool grandparentsZugwat

32. Grandmother Died Last Week, She Was A Naval Nurse

cool grandparentsorion12

33. My Grandpa’s FBI Academy Photo. He Worked As A Spy Recruiter During The Cold War

cool grandparentssw00n

34. My Grandparents In 1960, On A Date. My Favorite Picture

cool grandparents2g00d2btru3

35. So Apparently My Grandpa Was A Badass

cool grandparentsAdventurousHuman

36. My Grandmother Demonstrating The Three-Point Belt As A Model For Volvo In 1959

cool grandparentsMashedbymachines

37. My Grandmother On Her Harley In 1926

cool grandparents

38. My Grandmother Turned 98 This Week. This Is Her In Her Full Nursing Uniform During WW2

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39. The Last Photo In My Grandparents Wedding Album (1954)

cool grandparentsbluestofwaffles

40. My Grandfather Defusing A Bomb On Martin Luther King’s Porch. He Was Buried Three Years Ago On MLK Day

cool grandparentsHydraHatRack

41. My Favorite Picture Of My Grandmother, 1942. She’s Strong, Raised Six Children On Her Own After Leaving An Alcoholic Husband. Worked 7 Days A Week As A Cook In A Gas Station From 3 Am – 5 Pm. I Would Stay Every Weekend With Her And Sleep On The Floor Of The Gas Station Back Then. She’s Amazing

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